Isola dei pescatori

Discover history and traditions

As you approach the island, you’ll already notice a big contrast between the other two largest islands in the gulf: there are no monumental architectural elements or extraordinary gardens.

The extravagant elegance that characterizes Isola Bella and the lush foliage you’ll find on Isola Madre won’t be found here. Just a handful of houses built side by side and narrow alleyways characterize Isola dei Pescatori, the fishermen’s island.

The fishing occupation that was practiced here in the past gives the island its name, and a stroll through its narrow lanes will reveal so much about the island’s history and traditions. A visit to this island – which unfortunately most people consider as just a place to have lunch, due to the many food and drink options on offer – is a pleasant surprise. Even the most distracted visitors can’t help but notice references to the past: the nets, buoys, oars and floats which are now displayed more for decorative purposes than for practical ones tell the story of a faraway past; even the way houses were built reveal secrets about the fishermen’s lives. During a ten-minute stop to admire a fishing exhibition, visitors will be able to learn how this profession evolved over time, as well as everything that gravitated around one of the oldest jobs on the lake.

After learning about the important historical-cultural significance of this island, a succulent lunch with freshwater fish from the lake as the main ingredient will have a whole new taste: an “antipasto of the lake” offers a variety of tastes and consistencies, a perch risotto represents the best of local and seasonal traditions, and a wide range of main dishes will satisfy every palate. And of course if you aren’t keen on fish, you can find many delicious alternatives to suit your taste.

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