Experiences designed for anyone who wants to amaze their partner, friends, or colleagues in a unique way.

Instead of the same old lunch or banquet, why not organize a boat cruise and celebrate your special occasion with cocktails on board for friends and relatives? Celebrating baptisms, communions, birthdays, graduation day parties and anniversaries on board will ensure that your special occasion will remain memorable over time.

A romantic sunset in the Borromean Gulf as the backdrop to that “yes!” – an extraordinary location for the perfect wedding proposal.

On your wedding day, offer your guests a cruise and enjoy relaxing and fun moments together in the magical and relaxing atmosphere of the Borromean Islands.

Including a tour that makes an excursion on Lake Maggiore unique and unforgettable could be the winning ticket for tour operators, agencies, and wedding planners.

The best way to wind up a conference in a relaxing and carefree way is to climb on board with your colleagues and sip a cocktail as you enjoy the lake views from a watercraft.

Organizing a wedding on the lake is no easy task. Leave the task of organizing transfers to professionals, so that you can lighten your workload and unleash your creativity.

Unique locations will provide the perfect backdrop for photo shoots that will leave you speechless.